Our view on investing in Global Property

Reitway Global focuses on a single asset class, Global Property, where we take high-conviction views that generate wealth-enhancing performance over the medium and longer term.

We believe that by disregarding the market benchmark we will be able to best exploit the opportunities presented by investing in real estate securities worldwide. Our investment process is fully focussed on selecting investments that will produce high total returns, irrespective of their position or weight in the market. The sole criteria being the investment case of the company and its context in our portfolio.

Listed property is not tightly synchronised with a global cycle, with differing fundamentals (growth rates, industry structures, fiscal/monetary policies) resulting in the listed commercial property of various economies moving in different directions.

The diverse fundamentals behind the growing choice of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) sectors (the US alone currently has 16 REIT sectors) often results in market segments moving in diametrically opposite directions within the same economy. Hence, our funds are managed on a benchmark agnostic basis which is expressed by taking positions beyond the components of conventional indices.

The consistent adherence to our investment philosophy yields superior returns and we therefor avoid modifying our thinking to suit prevailing economic conditions or investment trends.