Only four funds have been consistent winners at the Raging Bulls in major categories both before and after 2019. Download and Read full article here Source: Citywire
Last year was not an easy one for global property fund managers. The average return of funds available in South Africa in Citywire’s global property equity category was -3.5% in rand. There was, however, a significant divergence in returns. The top-performing fund – the Reitway BCI Global Property feeder fund – was up 17.4%. The worst performer lost -17.4%. That is an extraordinary difference in return of nearly 35.0%, in a category that only has 25 funds.  To a large extent this reflects the divergence in returns of different sectors in the global listed real estate market. Some, like retail and hospitality, performed poorly…
"2021 is shaping up to be a year of opportunity for investors in Global Listed Property". Read full article by Garreth Elston here (Source: REI Mag)
Global real estate, as measured by the GPR 250 REIT World Index, gained 12.82% in US dollar terms during the fourth quarter. Our portfolio gained 7.65% in USD during the quarter.
The managers of the Reitway BCI Global Property feeder fund ranked joint second out of the 186 managers in Citywire’s property–global equity database in 2020. Garreth Elston (pictured) and Citywire A-rated Martin Botha have co-managed the fund since June 2018. According to Morningstar, the R771m fund returned 17.4% last year in rands. Read full article here (Source: Citywire South Africa)
Our portfolio gained 6.30% in USD during the quarter. The 4.32% outperformance versus the benchmark was primarily due to superior sector and stock selection in the US and Australia as well as our exposure to Belgium.
Garreth Elston speaks at the BCI Conference about the importance of sector selection and why global listed property is a vital component of an asset allocation strategy. Click here to link through to the recording 
There have been seven funds that have made drastic performance improvements since the last FE fundinfo Crown Fund Rating rebalance by receiving a 5 Crown rating in August, up from a 1 Crown rating in March. These funds include Reitway Global  Click here to access full article (Source: MoneyManagement)
Sam Zell kicked off the NYU SPS Schack Institute's Summer 2020 REIT Leadership Series on July 8, 2020. Featuring some of the industry's most prominent Chairmen, CEOs, and other leaders, the series addresses key challenges facing REITs as they navigate our emergence from the pandemic, plan for the economic recovery, and craft strategies for the future. Click here to access full interview on YouTube (Source: NYU Schack Institute - YouTube)