South Africa - NewFunds Reitway Global Property ETF

Fund AUM

R110m @ 31/10/22

Fund objective 


Minimum Investment

1 Share

The Investment Objective

The primary objective of the ETF is to track a rule driven, market liquidity-based index, which aims to outperform traditional market cap weighted comparatives. The ETF is designed to give investors an exposure to global properties selected according to the reference index. This will be achieved by replicating and tracking the Reitway Global Property Index.

The Index

The Index is created and maintained by Global Property Research (GPR), a registered Benchmark Administrator under the European Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The construction of the Reitway Global Property Index is premised on the fact that the larger and more liquid property equities tend to track the General Equity sentiment and by implication, the individual price performances follow this trend, rather than the prevailing property fundamentals over certain periods of time. The index therefore entails a methodology that (i) mechanically adjusts exposure to property stocks where general equity momentum has an impact on pricing and (ii) selects a  basket size based on momentum criteria – this, in order to enhance performance.

For more information about the Index please see here.

The Benefits

The ETF is the essence of diversification into liquid global real estate securities and offers:

  • Diversification
  • Intra-day liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Investor Protection
  • Trades like a security (JSE)
  • Regulation

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Online Trading

Access through member firms on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)


Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

TFSA was introduced as a means to encourage South Africans to build a savings pool over the long-term in a tax efficient manner. Tax payers are exempt from normal tax on contributions of up to R36 000 per tax year. (There is a total lifetime limit of R500 000).

The Newfunds Reitway Global Property ETF has been listed as an investment option, and can be accessed via Absa Stock Brokers. In due course, platform availability will be updated on this page.

Benefits include (amongst others):

  • No tax on the income derived from the investment
  • No capital gains on the disposal of the investment

Let us assist you with this journey to tax efficient saving. Send Olivia Teek an email ( containing your Name, Surname, ID number and Tax Number. Our administrator will then contact you for the FICA details required as well as the additional information you would require.

Launch date:
26 May 2021

Bloomberg ticker:

Market Maker:
Jane Street Financial Limited and Absa Bank Limited

ISIN number:

Reitway Global Property Index

Bloomberg Ticker:

JSE code:

JSE Close price:
17h00 (CAT)

Asset Administrator and Pricing House:
Maitland Fund Services (Pty) Ltd 

Total Expense Ratio:
0.60% (+ VAT)

Suggested investment horizon:
3-5 years

Standard Chartered Bank

Asset Manager:
Absa Alternative Asset Management (Pty) Ltd

Index Calculation Agent:
Global Property Research B.V.