The Investment process

The Reitway Global Property funds are managed on a benchmark agnostic basis which is expressed by taking positions beyond the components of conventional indices. This unconstrained approach expands our opportunity set in order to include many listed property companies which are often overlooked by mainstream analysts or are not included in traditional global property indexes.

Our investment philosophy and process differs from a benchmark centric approach where the benchmark has a significant influence on security selection and portfolio construction. In practice, our portfolio exhibits a large active share and position sizes that differ substantially from Global indices.

Our investment style is Growth At a Reasonable Price (GARP). We invest in companies with superior long term growth prospects, allocating capital when valuations are attractive.

Our investments are required to satisfy the following target investment thesis:

  • Display strong fundamentals;
  • These robust fundamentals must position these companies to achieve market beating cash flow growth; and
  • These companies must trade at reasonable valuation levels in terms of the timing of the allocation of capital to these holdings.

Our investment process focuses on selecting the most promising investment opportunities in the Global Real Estate universe. Stock selection is combined with sound portfolio management techniques in order to construct a portfolio with the highest probability of delivering superior performance for investors.